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Holmdel Township Board of Education
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A School Board Meeting

Welcome to a School Board Meeting
Public control of public education is one of the cornerstones of a free society and people exercise that control through their local school Board of Education.
The Holmdel Township Board of Education meets two Wednesdays of each month in the William R. Satz School Library at 8:00 p.m. Occasionally, a holiday or other circumstance will alter this schedule. In this case, or in the event of a special meeting, public notice is given in advance of the change of date in the Asbury Park Press and through a district posting.

The School Board's Role

A nine-member board whose members are elected by the members of the community in November governs the Holmdel Township School District. Board of Education Members are elected for three-year terms and are not paid for their long hours of service to the community. The school board is a policy-making body and its primary task is the formulation and evaluation of all policies necessary for the operation of the school district. An administrative team that works within the limits of school board policy manages the Holmdel Township School District. A superintendent who is selected by the Board of Education guides the administrative team.
The Board of Education employs the superintendent of schools as the chief executive officer of the school district. The board expects the superintendent to bring recommendations to its attention for action in the educational operation of the school system. With assistance from his/her staff, the superintendent prepares the agenda for each board meeting, including the topics to be discussed and the pertinent background information relative to each.

The Board of Education Agenda

The meeting of the Board of Education follows a definite plan called "The Agenda.” The agenda follows guidelines, which are established by the State Legislature and the New Jersey State Department of Education. The school administration and Board of Education members recommend items on the agenda. The president of the board, who is elected by other members of the school board, presides at all regular and special meetings. The vice president presides in the president’s absence.
Board members receive the agenda and supporting documents well in advance of each meeting so they can study the materials and be prepared to make decisions. The Board of Education cannot be expected to make informed decisions on important questions without having all the available information and will not usually act on items not included on the agenda.

Getting on the Agenda

If you want to appear before the board, you can contact the superintendent's office prior to the Wednesday meeting. However, it is best to come the night of the meeting and address your question(s) or concern(s) directly to the board. Groups are also welcome but proceedings are facilitated if one person acts as the spokesperson. Copies of the agenda are provided to individuals attending board meetings and posted to the district website.

Addressing the Board

The school board benefits from comments and questions from concerned citizens who attend meetings. Therefore, an opportunity is provided for you to be heard during the public portion of the regular meeting.
During the open portion of the meeting, the board president will acknowledge you up to speak. Once called, you must rise, and state your name and address to the board, so that it may be recorded. Members of the board and the superintendent may ask questions or make remarks in response to your comments. If you have a detailed question or one that requires a great deal of explanation, you may want to send your question in advance to the board secretary.

Charges, Complaints or Challenges

The public meeting of the school board is not the place to initiate personal charges or complaints against individual employees. If you have any charges, complaints or challenges, you are encouraged to put them in writing to the superintendent or the board secretary. Please be sure to give us your name, address and phone number. All such charges or complaints, if presented to the board directly, will be referred to the superintendent. Occasionally, during a regular Board of Education meeting it becomes necessary for members of the public to wait while the Board of Education goes into "Executive Session." This occurs when the board needs to discuss a personnel matter or potentially sensitive issue. The results of the executive session are made public once the board has voted on them.

The Board of Education Table

In addition to the members of the Board of Education, the superintendent of schools, the assistant superintendent, the district's legal counsel, and the board secretary sit at the conference table. Other district administrators and staff may also be in attendance.

Superintendent of Schools

The superintendent of schools is appointed by the board and serves as it executive officer in administering board policies in the operation of our school. She/He also acts as an advisor in keeping the board informed of the needs and programs of the schools. The superintendent is available to the board as a professional resource and her/his recommendations normally precede any board actions relating to recruitment, election and supervision of professional staff, selection of textbooks and instructional material; development of curriculum, long-term planning and fiscal affairs. The superintendent is appointed by the board for a specified term.

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